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How to implement a culture of sustainability

Do you want to implement sustainability in your company. Do you want to start raising awareness amongst your employees? This workshop will take you through the basic sustainability aspects and you will be able to implement simple actions to take your company onto a more sustainable path. You will help your stakeholders become aware of the sustainable revolution which is in keeping with the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals).

How to identify stakeholders as part of CSR

We will cover the following areas in relation to stakeholders:
• Definition
• Categorisation
• Identification and quantification
• Management
This is a hands-on course specifically developed to learn how to identify and manage stakeholders in an easy manner.

How to identify and develop sustainability indicators

This course will detail how to:

  • implement sustainability indicators that are relevant to your business.
  • identify such indicators based on the three aspects of sustainability.
  • develop tools to measure your performance against them.

CSR for microbusinesses

This course will give you the keys to implementing Corporate Social Responsibility in your company. You will learn all about the main economic, environmental and social requirements that you must comply with so your business can join the sustainable revolution.

Sustainable life

Workshop: How to reduce waste and recycling. The 3 Rs

You will learn where to place all of the items that make up your waste. I will also provide you with tools to reduce your waste, it’s actually very easy once you know. This is the ultimate hands-on course.

Workshop: How to read food labels

We will analyse the labels on food we all regularly consume. You will learn how to identify the nutritional value and ingredients of the food you buy. Will you dare to learn all about what we eat?

Workshop: How to read cosmetics labels

We will analyse the labels on products we all regularly use. You will learn how to identify products that are ecological, organic and natural. You will be able to distinguish labels and brands. Will you dare to learn all about what we put on our skin?

Course: The impact of Fast Fashion on the planet

We will talk about the environmental, economic and social impact on the fashion industry. You will learn all about sustainable fashion concepts, labels and the recycling of textile products. This course will teach you how to buy more responsibly.

Climate change and circular economy

What is climate change? What are the structural changes affecting the planet and the migration of species? What are greenhouse gases and how are they generated? What habits can help reduce the consumption of resources and the generation of waste? We will talk about the 3 Rs mantra as a component of circular economy.

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