Join the Sustainable Revolution with Sosteniblízate

Asesoramiento en consumo sostenible para particulares

Join the Sustainable Revolution with Sosteniblízate

– Sustainability label by Sosteniblízate –

You know that your company or brand is sustainable but you have no idea how to measure it? You want your customers and any other stakeholders to know how sustainable you are? Do you want to know how sustainable your project is in an objective regulated manner?

This certifying label is voluntary and as such adds value to the brand or business, highlighting their concern for sustainability. It is also objective and signals to stakeholders what level of compliance a company has reached, based on the indicators developed by Sosteniblízate.

The indicators are based on traditional CSR, but have been adapted to small companies, the true leaders of the sustainable revolution. 


The first step to obtain the label is to identify all stakeholders relevant to your organisation, and what their role is in relation to you.
We will categorise stakeholders then proceed to quantifying all sustainable indicators applicable to your company, based on all three sustainability aspects (environmental, social and economic aspects). This quantification exercise is objective and regulated.
Based on your performance, you will obtain a compliance percentage for all sustainable indicators, ranging from 0 to 100.
When all data has been quantified and compared, you will receive your certifying label. The more compliant you are, the greener the label. For example, a 60% compliant brand will receive a 60% green label.



After receiving the label, you will also receive a fully detailed report with scores, compliance levels and actions to improve.

Our advisory service will give you the opportunity to:

  • Obtain a tool to quantify your sustainability levels in an objective way.
  • Make the most of the actions you already have in place and easily implement new initiatives.
  • Receive an assessment of your company, with its strengths and improvements needed.
  • Have a certifying label you can display on your website to distinguish yourself from others.
  • Be assessed by highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in sustainability and the environment.





Nuria Neira graduated in Law from the University of San Pablo (Spain). She holds a Master’s degree in Judicial Practice from the Comillas Pontifical University (Spain) and a Master’s degree in Marketing and Communication from the IDE-CESEM Business School (Spain). She has 12+ years’ experience in Marketing, Communication and has extensive training in the cosmetics sector in large multinational groups.

Founded in 2016, Nuria Neira Consulting specialises in personalised communications advisory services, and marketing for sustainable fashion and organic cosmetic brands.

In partnering with Sosteniblízate, Nuria brings a wealth of experience and deep knowledge of Marketing and Communication enabling her to assess and improve all relevant indicators included in the label.





Nathalie Moyano graduated in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Granada (Spain). She holds a Master’s degree in Economic and Legal translation from the University of Cergy Pontoise (France) and a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing from The Digital Marketing Institute (Ireland). She worked as a trilingual translator and interpreter (English, Spanish and French) before turning to program management and working as the localisation process and language quality manager for a large American software company. She has 18+ years’ experience in Globalisation and Localisation, with a particular focus on cross-functional processes, quality, data analysis and talent management. In 2017, she decided to start her own business and founded MOYTILINGUAL Language Services & Consulting.

In partnering with Sosteniblízate, Nathalie provides linguistic assistance, breaking down language barriers and helping communicate and connect with individuals and multi-disciplinary teams. Nathalie is the brand ambassador in Ireland where she raises awareness and provides assistance to brands and projects.





Enrique Lázaro graduated in Civil Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid (Spain). He holds a Master’s degree in Occupational Risk Prevention from the Camilo José Cela University (Spain) and a Master’s degree in Integrated Management Systems from the University of San Pablo (Spain). He has a wealth of experience working as a security coordinator and occupational risk prevention expert.

He currently works as occupational risk prevention expert for a multinational company and focuses on a prevention and well-being programme.

In partnering with Sosteniblízate, Enrique contributes his vast technical expertise and experience in occupational risk prevention and energy efficiency which make up a large number of the indicators used by the label.



Mobile: +34 661273556

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