Sustainability Consultant

My name is Carmen


I am the founder of



My name is Carmen and I am the founder of Sosteniblízate

I started developing food intolerances and allergies, exhaustion was part of my daily routine and I had atopic skin… I was conscious that climate change was more and more of a threat, that tons of plastic were littering the oceans, that Chinese children were being exploited to manufacture some of the goods I bought, that millions of ecosystems were destroyed and with them their inhabitants, that animals were abused because of my lack of accountability for my consumption habits, that pets were abandoned like broken toys…. And what was I doing about that?


One morning I got up and decided it was high time I helped change the world and stop watching it from the window. I decided to start “a blog on sustainability: Sosteniblízate”, volunteer, recycle all I could, reduce my overall consumption, try to be kind to the environment and be helpful, work for what I want every day, and be thankful for what life has to offer (or not).

I am a sensitive person, I am also a dreamer


I believe that every little helps and small changes can lead to great revolutions.


I love nature, I love people who are happy and sincere and I love animals. I am curious when I’m out and about.


I am fond of cannelloni and beer and I love cuddles and nice words. I cannot bear animal abuse, processed food, injustice, generalisations and agglomerations.

Let me show you how to enjoy every day


In all those years writing my blog, I’ve been through a lot and I decided to take the next step.


I’d love to share what I’ve learnt on my journey of the last 4 years.


Gather your stuff, turn your life upside down and let me show you how to enjoy your life to the fullest while embracing sustainability.

Now, let’s get the formalities out the way…


I am a Geomatics engineer and I hold two Master’s degrees in Environmental Studies and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). I am a qualified environmental and CSR officer. I have also received training in nutrition because I like to know what I eat and how I eat it.

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